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Since 2004, ITM Development has stood for enterprise solutions at the highest level. We develop Enterprise B2B & B2C projects, Multishops, customized web solutions as well as integration solutions.

With the focus on e-commerce, we combine everything you need for a successful and carefree e-business, and we also offer continuous analysis, monitoring and optimization of the performance of your shop system.

Our main topics are enterprise B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions, migrations, automation, performance optimizations, searches and personalization.

The source of our success is professional, personal and competent advice. By working together as a partner, you will receive an optimal result and thus complete satisfaction.

Our Services

  •  Technical advice
  •  Realization of B2B & B2C Enterprise E-Commerce projects
  •  Professional, personal and competent project support
  •  Individual plugin development
  •  Product configurators
  •  Development of enterprise web applications
  •  Full integration with the ERP application
  •  Technical SEO optimization
  •  24/7 Premium Support


Our philosophy is: “Build a business, not a website”. An e-Commerce website is a business first and foremost; the website is merely the commerce delivery channel. An effective e-Commerce site begins by understanding and defining the business strategy, goals and metrics for the site, and then crafting a website that is tailored to meet those site objectives.

Elegant Design as elegant as your products

Choose the beautiful design created by professional designers for your online shop.
For every online shop we have the unique design, let yourself be inspired by our creative idea!

Magento Commerce is the complete eCommerce solution for enterprise online shops. The extensive toolset of Magento Commerce supports the optimization of user traffic, the provision of large catalog capacities and the possibility of international growth.

The integrated possibilities for the individualization of the web presence ensure a distinctive brand identity of every online shop. The comfortable administration interface allows easy updating and optimization of the website at any time in accordance with requirements arising from the development of the online shop.

In addition, Magento Commerce’s online shops are fully supported by Magento support in setting up and operating the shopping platform.

Discover the inspiring side of eCommerce. With Shopware you make online shopping more colorful, soulful and varied. Shopware 5 stands for more emotion, atmospheric experience in the shop and a completely new product experience.

With Shopware you can concentrate fully on your core business. The backend is thoughtfully structured to make it easier for shop operators to get started and save time.

Shopware is a fully open source. This results in new, helpful customization options that make your shop even more attractive.

With Shopware, you benefit from a system that is constantly expanding with innovative features that have the potential to change tomorrow’s commerce.

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