The global spread of the Coronavirus has made a tremendous impact on every single aspect of our life, eCommerce businesses are not an exception, due to the surge in demand a lot of e-Shops worldwide has been doing their best to maintain their running businesses during those hard times, while others started to think outside the box and providing essential products (food, medical supplies..) to increase their sales and revenue.

Improve your website performance
Don’t say later because later is now, updating your website platform, fixing the most common issues or make any improvement will be appreciated by your customers, also finding an IT solution partner could save you a lot of time and effort in achieving your business goals.

On the other hand, when the pandemic crisis is over your eCommerce Business will be ready to show up with higher performance and a better level of customer satisfaction.

Update your multichannel marketing plan
Get to know your audience better by knowing where they spend most of their times during these hard times, are they checking their emails or scrolling throughout the social media?

Picking the right channel to focus your customers will guide you to a better perspective of your running business.

Shift website homepage focus
Preview your best-selling products on the homepage during the pandemic will give the audience a better navigation experience, sometimes re-organizing categories or focus on easily shipped items can be a good solution as well.

Look for more suppliers & find more shipping options
The availability of products play a vital role in the daily activities of your customers, make sure that you do not have any product lack and start finding alternatives, local suppliers should also be considered to prevent any shipping delays during lockdowns.

Stay Connected with your customers
If you don’t already have a 24/7 chatbox, you should consider adding one right away because during the pandemic people may need to ask more detailed questions about their order predicted delivery date especially when you are promoting basic consumable products.

No one knows how long the pandemic will last, therefore its urgent to find solutions that handle eCommerce Business Challenges to hold on your running business during these hard times.

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