B-WEB, is a full SAP Business One Web Client use the latest HTML5 technologies, which gives the possibility, without any development, to make special customization per each logged user.

Queries and objects accessibility can be changed by any SAP Business One consultant, this gives a very powerful platform, which helps to win SAP projects, where a large number of users are needed, but the set budget simply can’t follow.



➤ (new) PayPal Integration.
➤ (new) Authorize money.
➤ (new) Capture money after invoices.
➤ (new) Refund money.


➤ (coming soon)  MailChimp integration
➤ (new) Manage return requests easily.
Searches according to a given criteria’s.
➤ Manage Approvals with inbox logic.
➤ Most of SAP objects are covered.
Customer Portal.
➤ Bweb has instant speed, working live.
➤ Call from the web, and smart devices.
➤ Deep access authorization control.
➤ Customized PDFs from Crystal Report.
Dashboards per logged person.
➤ SAP Calendar access per logged user.
➤ Management of user-defined field.
  • RMA is an effectual tool build in MAG B1 for managing the return and exchange of products purchased by customers in your store. It allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your web store.
  • Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of great customer service. Customers tend to buy from vendors that offer a flexible return policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciate it. Therefore, it is critical that this process is easily handled.
  • automatically generate all the proper procedures to ensure that the item is noticeable and trackable until the process is completed.
  • Options allow customers to choose an item to return, quantity, the reason of return, the item condition and specify the desired resolution: exchange, replace, or refund.

Features for Customers to control form the web store:

  • Customers have access to all their RMA requests directly from their user account.
  • Customers can select a specific item from an order which had several items.
  •  Customers can exchange a product for another product with a different size, color, etc. The price difference may be paid or refunded.
  • the staff agent will discuss any additional information, ask for photos, etc.
  • If RMA is accepted, the customer will receive an email notification and will be able to print an RMA Shipping Label, which includes the information about items to return and the return address.
  • Each RMA status change will be visible for customers.

Features for Store Staff:

  • With MAG B1, the staff can manage all RMA workflow directly from SAP B1 to ensure valuable customer services.
  • MAG B1 with RMA extension supports all Magento products.
  • Every RMA order has a specific id and still related to the original sale order id.
  • staff can view the whole history of comments and status changes for each RMA.

See In The Chart How MAG B1 Integrates Between B1 And Magento To complete The RMA Workflow : 

 » MAG B1 is an absolute flexible addon, with the ability to specify your own Statuses, Reasons, Conditions, and Resolutions for RMA according to your workflow  »

 » MAG B1 can integrate with different payment extensions, fraud detection systems and Delivery extensions such as Autorized.net, Konut.com, and FedEx online to fulfill even more powerful workflow « 


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Founded in April 1975, to supply high-quality tools to Forestry Professionals, Arborists, Landscapers, and Property Owners at competitive prices, while providing world-class customer service with a complete choice for Work Gear, Logging, Urban Forest Management, & Tree Care, with nearly 100.000 square feet of  warehouse space, customers all over the united states are assured quick and efficient delivery of their orders.

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MAG B1 integrates with authorized.net to complete the money cycle including money capture and, refund and send the money after the goods receipt

MAG B1 integrates with Kount.com to detect Frauds and automatically send a notification to get an approval for a particular sales order

MAG B1 integrates between Magento and SAP B1 to calculate the taxation rate independently for every customer according to the address information provided

When a sales order has a product out of stock MAG B1 integrates automatically to create  a purchase order from a trusted vendor  with address confirmation needed for the dropshipping process

When several products combine to make an item MAG B1  synchronize all the data needed from SAP B1 such as price, weight, sizes available and even the different delivery dates related to the drop shipping of a particular out of stock product

 MAG B1 controls the return and exchange of products purchased by customers in your store It allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your web store when your customer service staff engages to complete the cycle directly from SAP B1.

The notification addon sends automatic emails and SMSs to notify the staff, customers or vendors according to templates created specially to support the workflow




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The powerful Notification addon allows you to enhance the connectivity with your business partners. It enables you to send hundreds of emails in minutes with the ability to attach selected SAP documents per Business Partner with SMS reminder. The Notification Add-on simplify your business with proven ROI.

The Notification Add-On for SAP Business One has multi Emailing and SMS functions that allow you to communicate, respond more effectively with your Business Partners, the following features will enhance your communications and increase your ROI :
  • Create unlimited HTML E-mail templates from SAP Business One.
  • Add specific queries per template such as (open invoices) and the Add-on shall create all open invoices and send it as PDF attachment per customer and per contact person with BCC to assigned Sales Employee.
  • Email tracking: Allow the sales employee to know if the customer received and read the e-mail so he can follow up accordingly. (coming soon)
  • Ability to send SMS reminders.
  • Email Marketing: Ability to create newsletters and send it away to a group of Business Partner.
  • Scheduling: you can schedule your sending per hour, day week or on specific dates.
  • Integrated with Outlook, Gmail, and STMP servers.

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