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Having SAP Business ONE and selected vertical we can manage the complex discrete production and give you on the flow your real production costs for better margin calculation.

We can manage the following manufacturing  areas :

  • Plastics Processing

  • Packaging Industry

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Medical Devices

  • Hightech & Electronics

  • Metal Processing


One solution to manage all your processing manufacturing cycles, visibility on the production staps are available for all impacted departments, such as Sales, Purchasing, inventory.

We can manage the following areas :

  • Personal Care

  • Food & Beverage

  • Chemicals

  • Life Sciences


  • BASIC EXTENSIONS FOR LOGISTICS AND PRODUCTION : collection of information to complete SAP Business One necessary for production management, industrial accounting and controlling.

  • MRPII: Materials management and production order management.

  • GENERAL NEEDS PLANNING: material needs planning and resource capacity planning, detailed planning (pool monitoring).

  • QUALITY CONTROL: efficient functions that allow the quality controls to be carried out during the whole internal and external working process.

  • PREVENTIVE CALCULATION: preparation of estimates for standard products, estimates of specific projects.

  • CALCULATIONS OF ACTUAL AND CONSUMER COST, WIP CALCULATION: it is possible to calculate the actual costs of a production order, the comparison with the estimated costs or the profit.

  • PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR: allows the management of product variants.

  • PLANNING AND SCHEDULING (APS): detailed planning of the time necessary for the process.

  • ADVANCED MANAGEMENT WAREHOUSE AND SITES: advanced warehouse management and management of the types of goods stored. It can be used as a single module with SAP Business One.

  • MOBILE SOLUTIONS FOR STORAGE MANAGEMENT: warehouse management on mobile devices.

  • COST ACCOUNTING, MACHINE TIME COST, MARGINAL COSTS: accounting system implemented for manufacturing companies to have a complete view, from pay to production, to the contribution margin for a given product and more.


  • MOBILE SOLUTIONS (WEB APPS): the software is accessible from any device with a browser.

  • SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT: allows the management of sales and purchase orders and all automated transactions according to EDI standards.

  • DASHBOARDS FOR MANUFACTURING COMPANIES BASED ON SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS: reporting and analysis for real-time control of company performance.

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