In today’s fast-paced business environment, providing exceptional customer experiences is crucial for the success of any company. As a company running SAP Business One, you understand the importance of efficient customer management. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new native mobile app for your B2B business partners, is and extended tool for ITM-Customer portal, designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your customers. With its agile and comprehensive features, this app is set to elevate your customer experience to new heights..

1- Seamless Customer Experience: Our native mobile app aims to enhance your customers’ journey by providing a seamless and user-friendly interface. The app enables customers to access their accounts, create orders, and generate real-time reports on the go. By facilitating smooth interactions, you can ensure customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships.
2- Agility and Comprehensive Features: Designed with a deep understanding of SAP-B1’s capabilities, our mobile app offers a wide range of features that cater to your specific business needs. From order creation to real-time reporting, our app empowers your customers to take control of their interactions with your company. The comprehensive functionality ensures that your customers can access vital documents and dashboards, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly.
3- Dynamic Branding for Each Business: We understand that branding is a crucial aspect of your company’s identity. Our mobile app allows you to dynamically customize its branding to align with your business. By incorporating your logo, color scheme, and other visual elements, you can ensure that the app reflects your unique brand image. This level of customization enhances customer recognition and strengthens brand loyalty.
4- Multi Wish Lists: To facilitate a more tailored experience, our app enables customers to create multiple wish lists. This functionality allows them to organize their preferences and stay on top of their needs.
5- Push Notifications: The app supports push notifications, ensuring that your customers never miss out on important updates, promotions, or new offerings. This proactive approach keeps them engaged and always informed.
6- Cross-Platform Availability: To cater to a broad range of users, our app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This ensures that your customers can access the app regardless of their preferred device. By embracing cross-platform compatibility, we aim to eliminate any barriers to engagement, allowing your customers to engage with your SAP customer portal seamlessly.

In today’s digital era, a robust and user-friendly mobile app is indispensable for businesses running SAP. Our native mobile app for the customer portal combines agility, comprehensive features, dynamic branding, and cross-platform availability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. By embracing this app, you can empower your customers with the tools they need to create orders, generate real-time reports, and access their own documents and dashboards effortlessly. Take a step forward and transform your SAP customer portal with our innovative mobile app. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our app can revolutionize your customer experience.

When you integrate your eCommerce platforms & sales channels with your ERP system, it enables you to use more functions as a business. The key types of data, such as shipping, tracking, order, customer, item, and inventory are all integrated into your ERP system.

There are integration solutions such as ITM MAGB1, which ensures the data flow between your eCommerce platforms and your ERP System automatically, eliminating the exhausting manual data entry process, and preventing a lot of common mistakes such as:

  • Wrong shipping addresses
  • Incorrect inventory levels
  • Missing, incomplete, or incorrect product information.. etc.

Briefly, while you are not integrating your eCommerce platform with an ERP system, you are putting your consumer’s experience and your business at stake.

Here are the main benefits of integrating your eCommerce platforms with an ERP system:

  1. Reduces Data Redundancy, Human Involvement, Operation & Inventory Costs:

Real-time data integration gets the payment & shipping information, orders, and customer details all integrated into your ERP system. In a similar way, it helps to upload & download items and inventory from ERP to the eCommerce platform. Thus, in any way, the integration helps eliminate the requirement of re-entering the data. In turn, this helps reduce data redundancy, human involvement, and errors, also it enables consumers to view the latest order status, available inventory, as well as track shipments with tracking codes. Automated data inputs help save on errors, re-works, and order backfires. All these benefits help to reduce operational & inventory costs.

  1. Increases Internal Productivity & Customer Satisfaction:

Integrated systems play a vital role in streamlining several business processes. The sales orders are integrated into the ERP system in real-time, and this helps the ERP user to track the order instantly and start with further processing. Thus, integration reduces the order fulfillment cycle.

  1. Generate Financial Reports in ERP:

Some of the sales-related Financial reports are already generated by eCommerce platforms themselves but by integrating the eCommerce platform with ERP, it helps the business to produce trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow, and P/L Statement, and a lot more documents which gives the required clarity regarding the financial information.

  1. Gain a Better Control of your Business:

Integrating eCommerce platforms with ERP Business processes helps business owners to understand how their business is going, save time, and of course to get better control of their businesses.

It’s never too late, Get in touch now and learn more about ITM MAGB1 The Most dynamic eCommerce Connector for SAP Business One


Since the support for Magento 1 will be discontinued in the foreseeable future, the upgrade to
Magento 2 is now essential. The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a
simple migration but a re-launch, it is undoubtedly a major challenge for shop
operators and needs to be well planned.

With an experienced partner, the re-launch can be used as an ideal opportunity for the profound
improvement of the shop.

The need for the upgrade to Magento 2 can also be used as an opportunity to implement
fundamental innovations and improvements. Whether it is a partial or
a comprehensive redesign of the shop, measures to optimize performance, the use
of new extensions or a combination of all of that. The upgrade to Magento 2 is
the best opportunity to modernize your shop and enhance your online business.

The switch from Magento 1 cannot be achieved with a simple update to Magento 2. The changes in
the system architecture is too profound to upgrade a shop with a simple
upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Therefore, it is rather a re-launch of the shop with Magento 2. So, the new platform Magento 2 has
to be created, adapted, then the data will be migrated from Magento 1 to the
new platform.

Our Magento experts and developers will assist you to move to Magento 2 smoothly and perfectly
without affecting your running business, the following services will be
provided for a successful upgrade:

Our services are not limited to the upgrade process, after launching the new Magento 2, we will provide you with the needed essential support to make sure that the new shop is stable and running, after this, you are free to choose one of our support plans that meet your business needs.

RMA cycle is an effectual process managed by MAG B1 to control the return and exchange of products purchased by customers in your store It allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your web store when your customer service staff engages to complete the cycle directly from SAP B1.

  • Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of great customer service. Customers tend to buy from vendors that offer a flexible return policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciate it. Therefore, it is critical that this process is easily handled.
  • automatically generate all the proper procedures to ensure that the item is noticeable and trackable until the process is completed.
  • Options allow customers to choose an item to return, quantity, the reason of return, the item condition and specify the desired resolution: exchange, replace, or refund.

Features for Customers to control form the web store:

  • Customers have access to all their RMA requests directly from their user account.
  • Customers can select a specific item from an order which had several items.
  •  Customers can exchange a product for another product with a different size, color, etc. The price difference may be paid or refunded.
  • the staff agent will discuss any additional information, ask for photos, etc.
  • If RMA is accepted, the customer will receive an email notification and will be able to print an RMA Shipping Label, which includes the information about items to return and the return address.
  • Each RMA status change will be visible for customers.

Features for Store Staff:

  • With MAG B1, the staff can manage all RMA workflow directly from SAP B1 to ensure valuable customer services.
  • MAG B1 with RMA extension supports all Magento products.
  • Every RMA order has a specific id and still related to the original sale order id.
  • staff can view the whole history of comments and status changes for each RMA.

See In The Chart How MAG B1 Integrates Between B1 And Magento To complete The RMA Workflow : 


” MAG B1 is an absolute flexible addon, with the ability to specify your own Statuses, Reasons, Conditions, and Resolutions for RMA according to your workflow ”

” MAG B1 can integrate with different payment extensions, fraud detection systems and Delivery extensions such as,, and FedEx online to fulfill even more powerful workflow “