Managing projects efficiently is vital for the success of any business, the Time Sheet app offers a range of extended features to significantly improve the project management including project resource allocation, time tracking, approvals, and reporting.

  1. Allocate Resources on Project’s Stages and Tasks

The Time Sheet app brings a new level of control to resource allocation. Project managers can now allocate resources to different project stages and tasks, ensuring that the right personnel are assigned to specific aspects of the project. Additionally, the app allows users to add the resource’s billing rate, which enables accurate invoicing based on the hours worked on each task.

  1. Enable Resources Registering Billable and Non-Billable Time

With the Time Sheet app, resources can easily log their working hours, whether they are on-site using a mobile app or working from their desktops. They can log billable hours for tasks that will be invoiced to the client and non-billable hours for internal tasks or administrative work. Moreover, the app allows for breaks and non-billable time to be included, ensuring a comprehensive overview of resource utilization.

  1. Approval Workflow for Time Logs

Efficient time tracking requires an approval process that validates the recorded hours before invoicing or payment. The Time Sheet app offers an approval workflow, where project managers can review and approve time logs submitted by team members. Furthermore, clients can be involved in the process, providing them with the ability to view details of the work delivered and approve time entries with additional remarks, promoting transparency and trust.

  1. Generate Sales Documents Based on Approved Time Logs

Time Sheet app offers seamlessly integrated document generation wizard, making it easy to create sales orders, invoices, and deliveries based on approved time logs. This automation reduces manual errors and accelerates the invoicing process, ensuring timely payments and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  1. Progress Report and Budget Report

Keeping track of project progress and staying within budget is essential for project success. The Time Sheet app offers detailed progress reports that give project managers insights into tasks completed, time spent, and pending activities. Budget reports enable comparison between planned and actual hours worked, helping identify areas of improvement and cost-saving opportunities.

  1. Track Team’s Attendance and Manage Leaves and Vacations

Effective project management requires a clear view of resource availability. The Time Sheet app facilitates attendance tracking, allowing project managers to know who is available for new tasks or projects. Additionally, the app helps manage leaves and vacations, ensuring project schedules are adjusted accordingly to avoid any potential delays.

  1. Cross-Platform Availability

The Time Sheet app is designed to work seamlessly across various platforms, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. This cross-platform availability provides greater flexibility to team members, enabling them to log their working hours and access project information from anywhere, at any time.

In conclusion, the Time Sheet app for SAP Business One significantly enhances the capabilities of the Project Management module. From resource allocation and time tracking to approval workflows and reporting, the app streamlines project management processes improves efficiency, and empowers businesses to deliver projects on time and within budget. By leveraging the Time Sheet app’s extended features, organizations can boost productivity, ensure accurate invoicing, and strengthen client relationships.

If your business relies on SAP Business One for project management, consider integrating the Time Sheet app to elevate your project management practices to new heights. Embrace the power of automation and real-time insights to propel your projects toward success.

In the fast-paced world of business, managing expenses and purchases efficiently is crucial for maintaining financial control and ensuring accurate record-keeping. Enter the Expanse app for SAP Business One, a powerful solution powered by the ITM BWEB Platform. This app empowers employees to manage their expenses and purchasing tasks on the go, while providing managers with comprehensive oversight and control over financial transactions.
1- Effortless Expense and Purchasing Management: The Expanse app improves the way employees handle their expenses and purchases. With this user-friendly app, employees can conveniently add expenses and purchases directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing administrative burden.
2- Seamless Vendor Interaction: The app allows employees to select vendors from pre-defined options, streamlining the purchasing process and ensuring consistency in supplier management. By leveraging the Expanse app, employees can easily assign their purchases and expenses to specific projects and financial accounts, facilitating accurate cost allocation and budget tracking.
3- Flexible Payment Methods: With the Expanse app, employees have the flexibility to choose their preferred payment method. Whether it’s using the company credit card, petty cash, or their personal funds, the app supports various payment options to accommodate different scenarios. This flexibility simplifies the expense reporting process and ensures accurate financial tracking.
4- Efficient Documentation and Attachments: The app enables employees to attach payment slips and related documents directly to their transactions, eliminating the need for physical paperwork and ensuring all relevant information is stored securely in one place. This feature not only enhances the accuracy of record-keeping but also simplifies the auditing process and facilitates seamless communication between employees and finance teams.
5- Streamlined Manager Approval Process: The ITM-Expanse app provides a terminal on the BWEB Platform for managers to oversee and approve expense entries. Managers can easily access all expense transactions, apply filters to search for specific entries, and review each transaction in detail. They have the authority to approve or reject transactions based on predefined policies, ensuring compliance and financial control. Additionally, managers can add comments and provide feedback directly within the app, fostering clear communication and collaboration with employees.
6- Automated AP Invoice Generation: Once a payment is approved, the Expanse app seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One. It automatically generates an accounts payable (AP) invoice within the system, consolidating all the relevant information and attachments. This automation reduces manual data entry, minimizes the risk of errors, and ensures accurate financial reporting within the organization.
The Expanse app for SAP Business One, powered by the ITM BWEB Platform, enhances expense and purchasing management. By allowing employees to add expenses and purchases on the go, assigning transactions to projects, selecting flexible payment methods, and attaching relevant documentation, the app streamlines financial processes and enhances productivity. With the added benefit of manager oversight and approval, businesses can ensure compliance, financial control, and accurate record-keeping. Embrace the Expanse app and transform your expense and purchasing management into a seamless and efficient process within your organization.

Streamlining Product Information Management with ITM PIM for SAP Business One

In today’s digital business landscape, managing product information effectively is crucial for success. Enter ITM PIM, a robust product information management solution designed specifically for SAP Business One. With ITM PIM, businesses can centralize, enrich, and refine product information from a single platform, ensuring consistent and accurate data distribution across various channels, including ERP (SAP Business One), eCommerce, ITM Customer Portal, CRM, suppliers, and marketing platforms.

  1. Efficient Category Management: With ITM PIM, businesses can create and manage categories and sub-categories, providing a logical structure for organizing products. This hierarchical categorization simplifies navigation for customers, making it easier for them to find desired products. By having robust category management capabilities, businesses can ensure consistency and clarity in their product taxonomy, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  2. Streamlined Product Creation and Management: ITM PIM offers a user-friendly interface for creating and importing products. Businesses can efficiently manage product information, including pricing, descriptions, images, and other attributes, from a single platform. The ability to easily update and maintain accurate product information ensures consistency across all channels and minimizes the risk of outdated or incorrect data.
  3. Attributes and Attribute Sets Management: ITM PIM enables businesses to create, import, and manage attributes and attribute sets at different levels for various channels. This flexibility allows for customized product information tailored to specific channels, ensuring accurate and relevant data distribution. By defining attribute sets, businesses can streamline the process of assigning attributes to products, saving time and effort in managing complex product catalogs.
  4. Completion Ratio and Localization: ITM PIM allows businesses to define completion ratios on a product level, ensuring that all necessary information is present before publishing or distributing the product. This feature ensures that product data is comprehensive and helps businesses maintain consistent quality across their product catalog.
    Moreover, businesses operating in global markets can take advantage of ITM PIM’s ability to prepare product information in different languages. This localization feature enables businesses to tailor product information for specific regions, enhancing customer experience and driving international sales growth.
  5.  AI Integration for Enhanced Product Descriptions: To further streamline product information management, ITM PIM integrates with AI technology. This integration enables businesses to automatically generate product descriptions, SEO titles, and other valuable inputs. By leveraging AI capabilities, businesses can save time and effort in creating engaging and informative content, improving the overall customer experience and search engine visibility.
  6. Seamless Integration and Distribution: ITM PIM seamlessly integrates with various channels, such as ERP, eCommerce platforms, CRM systems, ITM Customer Portal, suppliers, and marketing platforms. This integration streamlines the distribution of product information, ensuring that accurate and consistent data is available across all touchpoints. Whether updating prices, adding new products, or modifying product descriptions, ITM PIM facilitates real-time data synchronization, reducing manual efforts and enhancing efficiency.

The ITM PIM is a powerful product information management solution designed specifically for SAP Business One. By centralizing product information, managing categories, products, attributes, and attribute sets, and integrating with AI technology, businesses can streamline their product information management processes. With seamless distribution to various channels, including ERP, eCommerce platforms, CRM systems, ITM Customer Portal, suppliers, and marketing platforms, businesses can ensure consistent and accurate product data across the entire customer journey. Embrace ITM PIM and take control of your product information management, enhancing customer experience and driving business growth.

Empower Your Sales Team with the Offline Sales App for SAP Business One
The Offline Sales app for SAP Business One, powered by the ITM BWEB platform, is a native mobile application designed to equip your sales team with powerful tools and functionalities, even without an internet connection. In this blog, we will explore the key features and benefits of this app, demonstrating how it can transform your sales operations and boost your business growth.

  1. Deliver Open Orders: With the Offline Sales app, your sales representatives can effortlessly deliver open quantities in different sales orders to customers.
  2. Place New Orders: The app enables your sales reps. to take new orders on the go, whether they are visiting customers at their premises or attending trade shows and events. This seamless order-taking process streamlines operations, minimizes errors and accelerates the sales cycle.
  3. Capture Customers’ Signatures: The Offline Sales app allows your sales representatives to digitally capture customers’ signatures directly on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances overall efficiency.
  4. Route Planning: Efficient route planning is essential for sales teams on the go. The Offline Sales app offers robust route planning capabilities, enabling sales representatives to optimize their travel routes, save time, and visit more customers in a day. With integrated mapping features, representatives can navigate to customer locations effortlessly, minimizing travel-related challenges.
  5. Collect Money on Account: The ability to collect payments on the spot is a game-changer for sales representatives. The Offline Sales app empowers your team to collect money on account from customers, providing a seamless and convenient payment experience. This not only improves cash flow but also strengthens customer relationships by providing a hassle-free payment process.
  6. Add New Customers on the Go: Expanding your customer base is essential for business growth. With the Offline Sales app, your sales reps. can easily add new customers while on the move. Whether they come across potential leads at industry events or during customer visits, they can capture the necessary information and onboard new customers instantly, without any delays.

The Offline Sales app for SAP Business One, offered by the ITM BWEB platform, transforms the way businesses conduct their sales operations. With its comprehensive set of features, including delivering, order placement, route planning, payment collection, and on-the-go customer management, the app empowers sales teams to operate efficiently, increase productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Embrace this native offline app and unlock the full potential of your sales force in today’s dynamic business landscape.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, providing exceptional customer experiences is crucial for the success of any company. As a company running SAP Business One, you understand the importance of efficient customer management. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new native mobile app for your B2B business partners, is and extended tool for ITM-Customer portal, designed to revolutionize the way you interact with your customers. With its agile and comprehensive features, this app is set to elevate your customer experience to new heights..

1- Seamless Customer Experience: Our native mobile app aims to enhance your customers’ journey by providing a seamless and user-friendly interface. The app enables customers to access their accounts, create orders, and generate real-time reports on the go. By facilitating smooth interactions, you can ensure customer satisfaction and build long-lasting relationships.
2- Agility and Comprehensive Features: Designed with a deep understanding of SAP-B1’s capabilities, our mobile app offers a wide range of features that cater to your specific business needs. From order creation to real-time reporting, our app empowers your customers to take control of their interactions with your company. The comprehensive functionality ensures that your customers can access vital documents and dashboards, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly.
3- Dynamic Branding for Each Business: We understand that branding is a crucial aspect of your company’s identity. Our mobile app allows you to dynamically customize its branding to align with your business. By incorporating your logo, color scheme, and other visual elements, you can ensure that the app reflects your unique brand image. This level of customization enhances customer recognition and strengthens brand loyalty.
4- Multi Wish Lists: To facilitate a more tailored experience, our app enables customers to create multiple wish lists. This functionality allows them to organize their preferences and stay on top of their needs.
5- Push Notifications: The app supports push notifications, ensuring that your customers never miss out on important updates, promotions, or new offerings. This proactive approach keeps them engaged and always informed.
6- Cross-Platform Availability: To cater to a broad range of users, our app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. This ensures that your customers can access the app regardless of their preferred device. By embracing cross-platform compatibility, we aim to eliminate any barriers to engagement, allowing your customers to engage with your SAP customer portal seamlessly.

In today’s digital era, a robust and user-friendly mobile app is indispensable for businesses running SAP. Our native mobile app for the customer portal combines agility, comprehensive features, dynamic branding, and cross-platform availability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. By embracing this app, you can empower your customers with the tools they need to create orders, generate real-time reports, and access their own documents and dashboards effortlessly. Take a step forward and transform your SAP customer portal with our innovative mobile app. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our app can revolutionize your customer experience.

When you integrate your eCommerce platforms & sales channels with your ERP system, it enables you to use more functions as a business. The key types of data, such as shipping, tracking, order, customer, item, and inventory are all integrated into your ERP system.

There are integration solutions such as ITM MAGB1, which ensures the data flow between your eCommerce platforms and your ERP System automatically, eliminating the exhausting manual data entry process, and preventing a lot of common mistakes such as:

  • Wrong shipping addresses
  • Incorrect inventory levels
  • Missing, incomplete, or incorrect product information.. etc.

Briefly, while you are not integrating your eCommerce platform with an ERP system, you are putting your consumer’s experience and your business at stake.

Here are the main benefits of integrating your eCommerce platforms with an ERP system:

  1. Reduces Data Redundancy, Human Involvement, Operation & Inventory Costs:

Real-time data integration gets the payment & shipping information, orders, and customer details all integrated into your ERP system. In a similar way, it helps to upload & download items and inventory from ERP to the eCommerce platform. Thus, in any way, the integration helps eliminate the requirement of re-entering the data. In turn, this helps reduce data redundancy, human involvement, and errors, also it enables consumers to view the latest order status, available inventory, as well as track shipments with tracking codes. Automated data inputs help save on errors, re-works, and order backfires. All these benefits help to reduce operational & inventory costs.

  1. Increases Internal Productivity & Customer Satisfaction:

Integrated systems play a vital role in streamlining several business processes. The sales orders are integrated into the ERP system in real-time, and this helps the ERP user to track the order instantly and start with further processing. Thus, integration reduces the order fulfillment cycle.

  1. Generate Financial Reports in ERP:

Some of the sales-related Financial reports are already generated by eCommerce platforms themselves but by integrating the eCommerce platform with ERP, it helps the business to produce trial balance, balance sheet, cash flow, and P/L Statement, and a lot more documents which gives the required clarity regarding the financial information.

  1. Gain a Better Control of your Business:

Integrating eCommerce platforms with ERP Business processes helps business owners to understand how their business is going, save time, and of course to get better control of their businesses.

It’s never too late, Get in touch now and learn more about ITM MAGB1 The Most dynamic eCommerce Connector for SAP Business One


We are looking forward to meeting you at SMB 2020 innovation summit, where ITM development presents as a partner to introduce the last development of our SAP B1 solutions and discuss your business with our experienced consultants.

Join us at:

Palma de Majorca, Spain
February 19 – 21, 2020
Cancun, Mexico
March 17 – 19, 2020
At the 2020 SMB Innovation Summit, we will present the new version of the Intelligent Web-Client BWEB which include:

The fully integrated ‘’Help Desk’’ so all the tickets and its activities will be transferred automatically to SAP.
The ‘’Time-Sheet’’ and the resource management app.
The ‘’Expenses” App that reduces the time to record receipts and get them approved, full integration with SAP B1 that allows you to Synchronize your entries whenever you need to.
Coresuite package integration.
At the 2019 SMB Innovation Summit, you can:

Hear from keynote speakers that have proven their strength and ability in their fields.
View product upgrades related to SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.
Meet experts in your industry and line of business through a diverse set of breakout sessions.
Network with other members of the SAP Partner Ecosystem, sharing best practices and winning strategies.
Explore the Solution Fair, where event sponsors provide their latest offers and innovations.


Successfully manage and grow your business
The SAP Business One® application offers an affordable way to manage your entire business – from accounting and financials, purchasing, inventory, sales and customer relationships, and project management, to operations and human resources. SAP Business One helps you to streamline processes, gain a greater insight into your business, so that you can act fast and make decisions based on real time information, to help you drive profitable growth.

A single view of your business to help you stay in control We understand that businesses like yours have big dreams and big goals, and as your business grows it can be difficult to get a single view of what is happening at any given time when information resides in different applications or even locations. SAP Business One is designed for small and midsized companies to grow with you, it is flexible, modular, yet powerful and with its user-friendly interface, it is simple to use.

SAP Business one complete and customizable solution
SAP Business One is a single, integrated solution that provides clear visibility into your entire business and complete control over every aspect of your operations. It captures all critical business information for immediate access and use company-wide. Unlike accounting packages and spreadsheets, it delivers what you need to manage your key business areas.

Because every business is different, SAP Business One is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether it’s deployed on premise or in the cloud, you can access SAP Business One at anytime, anywhere via any mobile device. And because SAP Business One runs on both the SAP HANA® and Microsoft SQL server platforms, you can choose the one that suits your business best.What’s more, your employees can start using it from day one. As your business grows, you can customize and extend SAP Business One to meet your evolving needs.

Do you want to grow your business overseas? SAP Business One supports 28 languages and 44 country-specific versions, delivered and supported locally by our extensive network of over 800 SAP Business One partners.


BWEB the SAP Business One web-client is fully customizable which give the ability to suit the specific needs of any business strategy and deliver the functionality to speed up the workflow.

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Since the beginning in 2010 we built bWEB to be Dynamic, Customizable, and Secure.
companies around the world trust the customization experience we had built for different fields to serve its unique business needs in management, purchasing, logistics, sales, customer service, and other departments.

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Customization Examples

  • Provide within a single page the ability to create an appointment for the technicians to provide the needed maintenance, as well provide an estimated budget to the customer prior to the provided service (offer), while taking care of the warranty and different spare parts.
  • Create different screens for the sales order object based on the order status so the production team can easily process the orders and deliver with efficiency.
  • Easy to use interface which integrates the store counting with a user-defined table to easily maintain and count inventory level with the ability for the headquarter to approve or decline the counting result.
  • Create complex dashboards which collect information from different SAP objects, and tables to simplify different processes and decision making.
  • Custom functions in the production screen to help employees complete their tasks without losing time on repeated actions such as emails, printings and delivering actions in a specific time.
  • Customer service screen to use on the go by a Service Technician with the functions needed to deliver the service such as inventory access, sales orders, taking pictures, and customer signatures.

We are looking forward to meeting you at  Booth no 39, to introduce the last development of our SAP B1 solutions. and learn more from the wonderful SAP Community.

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Consortia are generally, evolving a type of cooperation among the list of libraries that Past Exam Papers can come together to share with take a exam you the resources digitally. It has obtained momentum inside developing nations around the world like China. A projector or graphic projector is undoubtedly an optical system, which tasks an image (or moving images) onto some surface, frequently a projection screen. The idea functions a similar intention being a sensitive mouse nevertheless is fashioned that has a liquid bowling tennis ball on the top, that may be rolled in mere about Exam every exam beta direction. On-line Library is a variety of information collected by particular fields. Resources are usually understandale by key terms topics. Storage with regard to holding orders and also information. Amongst the ideal and also exam 700-551 reality, Between your motion and also the act, Slide the of an. 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Why attend the summit? watch the video   :

At the 2019 SMB Innovation Summit, you can:

➤  Hear from keynote speakers that have proven their strength and ability in their fields.
➤  View product upgrades related to SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign.
➤  Meet experts in your industry and line of business through a diverse set of breakout sessions.
➤  Network with other members of the SAP Partner Ecosystem, sharing best practices and winning strategies.
➤ Explore the Solution Fair, where event sponsors provide their latest offers and innovations.

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